Registration steps -

  1. In first section of registration process you need to fill in your details. It is very important that you fill in correct email address. On this email address will be sent registration email, with registration details, in case you encounter any problems in the course of your activation process.

  2. In second section of registration process, fill in details of your dearest, which will be shown on created website. These information could be changed anytime, in case that you made mistake.
    In last section please fill in name of your website. Name of your website is important, because you will use this name for accessing your website from any place in world.
    Please be careful when choosing name for your website, because it is not possible to change this name after registration process is finished.

  3. After registration process is successfully finished, an email will be sent to your email address with all information needed for you. At the same time your website will be activated and after successful activation you will be re-directed to your website. After your website will be activated you will be redirected to edit page of your newly created website. Here you can edit text, edit style, paste photos or multimedia in very easy to use user interface.