Wait for me -



They tell me it gets easier, that time softens the pain
Right now I’d have to tell you, I think I’m quite insane
The constant ache inside me, keeps gnawing at my heart
Three months ago we lost you, my world was ripped apart
And on that Thursday morning, when the angels took you away
I would have made any bargain, if God had let you stay
You weren’t supposed to leave first; I was next in line
Too young to be taken; it shouldn’t have been your time
You had everything to live for, so much was left undone
You tried so hard in life son, but Death has finally won
The things that I believed in, are tossed aside today
My very faith’s been tested; I find it hard to pray
I don’t blame God for taking you, but I’ll never understand
Was it fate this happened, or was it some master plan
You filled my life with laughter, I’m thankful for the days
With every breath I miss you; I’ve nothing left but tears
I can’t believe you’re gone, I can’t believe it’s true
How do I go on now, what am I to do
I feel like I can’t breathe, it’s impossible to think
No sleep is found at night, I think I’m on the brink
My body wants to live on - my heart, it doesn’t care
My mind screams within me, “this just isn’t fair”
Yet somewhere deep inside me, I know I must go on
I know you’d want that for me, even though you’re gone
You didn’t go alone; you took my heart with you
Wait for me son, until my time is through
For when I leave this life, I know I’ll be afraid
I hope that God forgives me, for mistakes that I’ve made
When I come through the darkness, and look towards the light
Please be there waiting, then I know I’ll be all right

Date: April 8, 2010