Logan -


Sitting in this hospital starring at you in bed,
Not understanding why all the tears we have to shed,
Our hearts broke thinking of all the love we had to share,
And all I can say is that it doesn’t seem fair,
Taken away like a dream that wasn’t ours,
Gods hand took him from us then put him in the stars,
The sky is full but his will shine the brightest,
He now looks down and through out life he will guide us,
It is a love of a child that makes life worth living,
Nomatter how long it was now its time to start forgiving,
Forgive the hand that took him so soon,
But remember the joy he brought when he was in bloom,
Life is long and some times it gets harder,
Just know I love you and we will always have each other.
* For Kristina Garrett written by Wayne Slater *

Author: Wayne Slater
Date: May 1, 2010