Man Fatally Shot by Fort Worth Police -


Jose Vieira, 21, was fatally shot by a Fort Worth police officer Monday May 17, 2010. Vieira was shot multiple times because "in the minds of the officers, he had a black and silver gun", said Lt. Paul Henderson, a police spokesman. Upon further investigation it was determined that Mr. Vieira was not armed and was reaching for his cell phone when he was shot.  The shooting is still under investigation and the case is due to be presented to the Tarrant County District Attorney's  office for grand jury review.  Vieira's mother, Irma Velasquez feels that the officers were "too trigger-happy and should have waited to confirm that her son had a gun before opening fire." With the many conflicting news reports and statements it may be difficult to ever confirm what really occured that morning in Richland Hills. In a recent news release Chief Jeffrey Halstead said "we are saddened by this tragic incident for the family of Mr. Vieira and the involved officers. It is in every officers haunting dream to have to use their firearms against another human being. And it is every mother's worst nightmare to suffer the loss of her son. Mr. Vieira leaves behind a loving mother, sisters, and brothers, a five year old son, and an expecting girlfriend.

Author: Sandy Wilson
Date: May 27, 2010