Hero. -


My Daddy Is My Hero; &; He Died Feb. 4Th 2004. He Had Cancer And Now I Miss Every Second I Spent With Him!! But Daddy; "You Left Us All Behind, If Love Alone Could Have Saved You; You Never Would Have Died. A Heart Of Gold Stopped Beating Two Twinkling Eyes Closed To Rest. God Broke Our Hearts To Prove He Only Takes The Best!! We Thought Of You Today, But Thats Nothing New We Thought About You Yesterday. And Days Before That Too. We Think Of You In Silence We Often Speak Your Name; Now All We Have Is Memories And Your Picture In A Frame. If Dreams Werent Dreams &; Dreams Came True, I Wouldn’t Be Here, I Would Be With You. Distance Is One Thing That Keeps Us Apart But Daddy You Will Always Be In My Heart. A Special Smile,  A Special Face, A Special Someone Who No One Can Replace; I Wasnt Ready To Let You Go Even Though I Was Told That It Was Your Time; I Cant Get That Through My Mind; I Wasnt Ready To Let You Go!! :(

Author: Kyleah Jo.
Date: July 8, 2010