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We are preparing a social network for our users to help then with their grief.

Our team at is working non-stop to improve systems you are already using. We provide our members with most memorial services available anywhere on internet and we listen to every ideas, complaints or questions our members have. Therefore we would like to ask you to let us know of any services you would like to see in future on our website through either facebook or our email address

We are already working on some great new services to help you ease your pain for the lost loved one. We are trying to create social site where people going through similar hard times will find a place to be happy to return to, place where they will feel safe, a place which will ease their pain. We hope that you can slowly see the sense of community on our website. We hope that in few months we will be able to introduce even more services to help you through the hard times.

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Author: team
Date: July 11, 2010