Update 10/12/10 -


New Memorial Website for Julie

Hello Friends and Family,
We have created a memorial site for Julie. This one will allow the girls an easier way of getting onto a webpage and looking, reading, and commenting themselves, as well as reading all your wonderful prayers, stories, and memories.
Please log on and keep connected to the new website as this page as well as Facebook will close at some point.
This October marking 10 months since Julie's passing and Breast Cancer Awareness month pretty much it makes it impossible to not notice the one year date approaching.
It was probably around this time last year that most of you received your last email or text message from her. I can even remember her writing a few of you and asking me to hit the send button for her. She was such a fighter especially last October.
She really loved Halloween and as with everything else she did, she out did herself last Halloween, with the girls and their 'pirate' theme. She pushed herself to do as much as she could, as uncomfortable as she was she made herself get out of bed just to sit on the floor and color in the coloring books with the girls, bake goodies, and of course squeeze in some online shopping. She joked to me alot about how this being Breast Cancer awareness month and how 'aware' does one need to be especially in this household! :)
Funko Bunko to those pink ribbons! ;)
Last year, on October 11, 2009, Julie also planned and cooked dad’s 59th birthday dinner. As with all of our birthdays she insisted we celebrate weather we WANT to be another year older or not. It was a memorable dinner. Yesterday was dad’s 60th birthday. None of us have wanted to celebrate our birthdays without Julie this past year. It’s just something she always did for us. SHE made the arrangements and SHE made your day that much more special…so going forward without her has been the hardest thing to do, especially when it’s something we know she’d want us to be happy about. We did as I think Julie would have wanted, and cooked his favorite dinner, with wine, and of course had a special homemade dump-cake just for him. Gifts, cards, company, phone calls, and memories of Julie were all around us. It wasn’t the shin dig Julie would have thrown for him, but I think she was with us anyway.
This year has been nothing but changes. It’s exhausting and heartbreaking.
The girls are still changing their minds daily about what they will be this year for Halloween, so we will keep you posted! Log onto the new memorial website and save to your favorites for updates, stories, memories, and more!
Much Love, Jamie Bass

Author: Jamie Bass
Date: November 19, 2010