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Taylor's Eulogy -


Taylor Ray Vallin May 11, 2010 much to say........I look around and I see how truly loved Taylor was.  It is really no surprise as I knew he was special from the moment he was born.  As he grew it just became more evident he was completely unique in his own way.  There are so many stories about him but they all have a message...he was goof ball, class clow, loved by his family and friend deeply.  His heart was hughe and his smile and laughter contagious.  I remember he would make the goofiest faces that would make anyone laugh from a little baby toa an 80 year old man and that was when he was 1.  The expressions just got more vivid and bizarre as he got older.  He would make up his own words like pamshoo which translated to shampoo and air conditioner which meant hair conditioner.  He could never say aluminum even when he got his new racing bike.........and the most famous of all MOPE which simply meant Chris Dugan.  Many of you still have the t-shirts he created and sold with his friends.
To Taylor every day was an adventure includig the days he would pop out of an ice chest on someone's porch in a very goofy suite selling corn dogs or deing duck taped toa  pole inthe middle of Canyon Lake in his underwear just to make someone laugh.  Myles can tell you stories of tweezer's and light sockets which resulted ina power outage in his room.  As he got older the pranks got more severe.  Pinky can tell you the story of waking up with Taylor's name drawn on his forehead with a sharpie just because he fell asleep before Taylor did.  The real hilarious part is Pinky did not know it until he got home and looked in the mirror.
The one thing that was no joke to Taylor was his complete ove for his sister.  While he irritated her at times the love Taylor and Tawny had for each other from the time they were born was solid and complete.  He cared so much for her that each time she was injured I watched him have a minnie heart attack.  It was quite adorable.
With all that said don't shed a tear for Taylor but laughter instead.  He would not want to know he caused you to cry as all of you shared a little piece of his heart.  Remember him for who he really was which was a devoted friend, a loving brother and a son who would drive you crazy and make you laugh all at the same time.  One who loved his grandparents, parents, brothers, cousins and the many aunts and uncles unconditionally and with his entire heart.
I probably knew Taylor better than anyone else.  I knew when hew was truly happy, when he was hurting inside and when he was angry.  So trust me when I say he is deeply sorry for the hurt he is causing you now and if he could he would go back and change it all.  He would say THANK YOU to Flour Fusion, Chris and Bob and all their staff have been an unbelieveable support, VIP events, John and Wendy Rodriguez for doing all they have done just being them.  The Conyers, Belden's, Berry's, Keefer's Downey's and his "Gma" for all the many times they have helped his family over the last weeks.  Most of all he would tell Anthony, Kyle, Tyson, Pinky, Alfred adnthe hundreds of other remember the stuff we did and tell them he is OK.  He most likely misses you way more than you miss him.  He loved you guys all so much.
Most of all he would tell Tawny, Flor and Jen, the three girls that he loved the most please don't cry.  It hurts him so much to see you so upset.  He will always be watching over you from heaven missing you terribly.  If he could come back for you he would.  Thank you all so muc for being here the many thoughts, prayers, and God above has gotten us through this so far and I'm sure he will help us through each day from now on.

Author: Taylor's Mom
Date: November 23, 2010