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We at have started this website with clear goal in mind: To help bereaved people, families through their hardest time.This was one of the main reasons we have spent all last year preparing completely new system on our website. We know for sure that sometimes even few words can make a world of difference. Therefore we have created Social Memorial System which will allow all our users meet people who are going through same hard times but also maybe help them or meet somebody who can help You.

There will be no apparent change to our and your website all services will be working as before we have just included our new service: Social Memorial System. Apart from all current member now all your family and friends have the possibility to register at and become members in our Social Memorial System even though they have no memorial website created and registered to them. This will allow them to keep in touch much more easily and also post to your registered memorial website will become hassle free as well. We hope that you will appreciate our effort to give you unique services, and wish you all the best in this year.

Changes on your Memorial Websites:
New Quick Gallery on Main Page which is working on every Web browser
2. Upgraded Main Text Editor which is working on every Web browser and you can now again add IMAGES and YouTube videos to your text
3. Upgraded all Modal Windows which are now working on every Web browser
4. Upgraded Multipe Upload Images which is now working on every Web browser
And many other smaller things on your Memorial Websites.

New Social Memorial System
First of all, new social system lets you collect your favorite memorial websites into favorite list so you can reach those you visit mostly, easily. Another important feature is sending messages directly to the creators of those pages without contacting them through impersonal contact form or their email address. Such message will pop in the list of messages after they log in next time and also will be delivered to email, so you can be sure they will not miss it.

Social memorial system will allow you to add owners of your favorites or any other memorial pages to your friend list, so you can communicate by chat or internal message system while browsing last-memories or working on your beloved
memorial page.

If your friends will need help or support with their grief, you can be there for them online, and also they can be there for you.

Whole system is designed to be helpful in such cases, to ease the pain from loss of somebody close. All important information can be found through new user panel located at the bottom of the screen after you log in. All information regarding your account can be found at

Bottom panel:

This panel will be displayed only if you are logged at

Contains list of news on page published by, here you will always find most up to date information about what we improved or about new features to be brought in next days.

2. After clicking on this icon, a list of yours and your favorite memorial websites will pop up, so you can easily access them with one click from anywhere

3. Shortcut to your User Account

4.  Create Free Memorial Website link

5.  Information about Memorial Website currently being on and its owner. You can easily add the website or the owner to your favorites or friends list. However, for privacy reason, user have to approve your request for friendship at first to be listed in your friend list. You will be added to his automatically after approval.

6. Logout Button

Chat windows area, here chat windows will show if you will click on any of your friends in your friend list or they will send you a chat message.

8. Here is your friend list. Divided into online and offline group letting you know if they are online at the moment. You can initiate chat by clicking anywhere on the contact except the envelope icon, which will open window for sending internal message or person icon, which will open your friend user information page.

9. Here is list of your last 10 internally received messages. After clicking the title, whole message will show allowing you to respond instantly. You can always check all of your sent and received messages at your user account page.

New User Account Page
All the available information about you and your webpages, friends and articles you have written is found on the User Account page

There you can change any information displayed on your webpage, receive information about your memorials or create articles that will be published on the website and could be accessed and read by all visitors. In My Details section, you can change your password or update any information about yourself.

1. Information about Your and Your Favorites Memorial Websites

2. Information about Your Friends

3. All your Send and Received Messages

4. All information about you. Here you can simply change your password or update all infomation about your self.

5. In this section you can view all your articles or you can create New Article.

Every day, more than five hundred candles are virtually lit and many hundreds of other types of messages are left on your Memorial Websites. Because of this, we invite your relatives to register for free on so they could easily contribute to your Memorial websites and more importantly, just visit them so your beloved ones will be kept in their memories.

In a few weeks’ time, we will bring upgraded Family Tree and Memorial Video services, made using the cutting-edge technology that will allow you to use much more features than their current versions. is the only website that constantly upgrades its services and the only one that tries to actively help its users to overcome their grief. We also firmly believe that it’s not only us, but that also you can help to each-other, as we see in forums every day and we hope that these new services we have just introduced would ease the using of the website and that you’ll find here someone who will help you in your grief. Thank you.

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Author: The Last-Memories Team
Date: February 21, 2011