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Funeral - Poem -


I'm Standing At Your Funeral Ready To Say Good Bye
I'm Standing at your funeral ready to cry
I'm remembering all those notes we used to past
I'm remembering all those insides jokes

I'm wondering why this relationship could've last
It's close to my turn to say my good bye
I'm trying not cry.. I'm ready to try
It gets to my turn and I close my eyes as my feet drag to the front

My Final words to I said 'I wish I could of saved you from everything I said.'
'Wish I could fix every thing bad you read'
'Wish I could Die right next to you in your arms'
'Babe.. I want you back, let this be a dream'

'Let Me Hear my alarm'
I lower my head and feel my body tremble
I'm standing at your funeral..

Author: Kristina Bowman
Date: March 18, 2011