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New version of Family Tree -


New version of Family Tree for All Last-Memories Members.

Dear members.
We are very glad to inform you that today we are bringing you new and improved Family tree. As you know it is one of many services we give to our users and we hope that this improved version will be even better than the last one.

The new Family tree allows adding all family members and sorting them in more visually pleasing way. In case you will not like the way the tree looks you can turn on manual override and make changes to your liking. We hope that you will like this new addition to our services and as usual this is again free of charge.

 Editing of Family Tree is very simple and you don't need any special computer skills.

If you have created parents and they are married, all you need to do is add entry husband/wife to one of them and if they have same surname the spousal connection will be created automatically.

If you have created sibling who has same parents with same surname all you need to do is add same parents.

In case you will not like the automatic tree, you may use drag and drop mode to make desired changes.


If you want to make changes to the profile of the deceased or if you want to add picture in the Family Tree, you have the possibility to make such change directly on the memorial website in Edit & Details section or in Main Page section. All changes should be made in the Edit Page.

You can find new Family Tree on your Memorial Website in Edit Page and in section Other Services.

If you will have any problems with edditing new Family Tree please let us know at  and we try to help you. Thank You

Example of Family Tree

Author: Last-Memories Team
Date: September 25, 2011