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How to use Main Text Editor -


Default Text Editor

Today, we are proud to announce that we are releasing a completely new text editor, more modern and allowing you to utilize more editing options. And last but not least, it is supported by all modern internet browsers.


The new text editor will not only allow you to add text and edit it as you please, but also:

1. Adding Images from URL or from your Memorial Website Gallery

a) You can simply add URL link with Image

b) Or you can open Memorial Website Gallery

c) Here you can choose from your uploaded pictures

d) Or you can upload new images to gallery and then select it.

2. Adding animated Flash objects
a) Click on Small Icon (Insert Embed Code)

b) In new opened window paste your generated code from another website.

c) Press Insert and after that press Save button

A. To generate slideshow codes please visit this website
B. To generate flash objects visit this website
C. To generate calendars go to
D. Other Generators:
E. You can find in google many of this websites... try to search for this term "flash objects generators".

3. Adding YouTube videos

a) Click on Small Icon (Insert YouTube Link)

b) When you find youtube video and want to add it to your website, just copy URL link in new opened window

c) Press Insert and after that press Save button

4. Adding other Media objects like Videos or Frames

a) Click on Small Icon (Insert/Edit Embedded Media

b) Press Insert and after that press Save button


If you will have any problems with edditing please let us know at and we try to help you.

Thank You

Author: Last-Memories Team
Date: December 19, 2011