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The ones we've lost olong the way -


Do you ever wonder how people can be so cruel? How they can take a life from you at such a young age? Well it can happen at just an wink of an eye..and while you're living in such misery ther're living the thehave never done anything wrong!!!


About 22 years ago I watched my father..if you want to call him that..MURDER my boyfriend, in September of 1987. We were gonna be married in september of 1988 but he never got to see that..he never got a chance to see his own child be born and watch them grow up like his MURDERER did!!! He never got the chance to see his twin brothet's children..he never got the chance to be at his dad's funeral...that's just it his life was taken away from him and he never got the chance for anything!!! And I never got the chance to tell him one last time I love you!!!  

Author: Racheal Hunter
Date: February 8, 2010