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Johnny -


My daughter Marylynn Friend wrote this poem and it got published..she was only 3 months old when he died but still remembers him. She was his baby to him and he always wanted to take care of her and he did!!

I close my eyes to see your face

I dream of you to feel your grace

When I'm alone I know your there

I know what happened to you wasn't fair

You loved my mom, sister, brother and me

Our love for us we always see

When you died so did a part of us

You're my angel so in you I put my trust

You have never let me down and I know you never will

Years from now I'll remember you still

I feel so close to you even though I'm so far

I know it's you I see when I look at that distance star

I know your looking down at me from the heavens above

Giving me your guidance, support, and love

I know your the reason I'm still here today

Your like a beautiful scar on my heart that will never go away

When I'm alone I sat and say salmly

It's okay because tonight I'll dream of you Johnny        

Author: Marylynn Friend
Date: February 8, 2010