Letter From Unborn Child -


I am writing this letter to all mothers that have aborted a child. I, a victim, write this letter from all of us who have died in the hands of evil. I want to tell all mothers t pstop crying for our absnce becuase we are fine here.

Our dad, God, is happy to have us, however we would be happier if we were with our parents. We are very happy and pray t oGod for you, mothers, so that you would not abort more children, neither would you allow more children to die this way.

I want to tell you my story and tell all mothers the reality of abortion.

I remember very well the moment that separated me from the most beautiful lving paradise; the moment that a mechine detached me from my mother’s womb. I had just finished eating and was ready to go to sleep, as usual.

I felt a huge device approuching me. I remember yelling, “Mommy! Mommy! What are you doing to me?” All of a sudden I felt this device trying to reach me to destory me. Impatiently I yelled again much louder. With all my strengh, I clung to the most beautiful thing I had, my mother.

I was only a defensless baby, of a “piece of meat” as that strange voice called me. I remember very well thinking to myself, “why are you the most beautiful woman in the world, the one with the a loving heart and full of tenderness, doing this?” I just wanted to be born, to fill you with kisses, hugs, adn tell you that you were the best mother in the world. I wanted to be born to brighten your glommy days adn fill you with love and happiness an, occasionall, be mischievous.

I thought of the moment when you and I would hug each other, laugh at one another, cry and comfort each other. Now I see that all my dreams are about to end. As I was thinking this, the machine grabbed one of my tiny legs and detached it from me, then the other one. I yelled with pain, “Mommy! Mommy! Don’t do this to me! I beg you mama, take this pain away from me.” Then my right arm was clumsily detached. Full of pain I pleaded with my mother not to let me die. Then the other arm was detsched.As a baby that loves her mother, I kept fighting against the horriable device threatening.

I didn’t look like a normal baby anymore. I had neither arms nor legs, but I didn’t care. All I wanted was my mother to tell me that she loved me and wanted her to take this pain away from me. The end was close as some clamps destroyed my head and, with an “I love you” I said good-bye to my mama. Mama, I only wanted to tell you that I forgive you and I love you. Idn’t suffer for me. I also want t oask you for a small favor. Tell the expecting mothers that what they have in their wombs, is a baby that only wants to make them happy.


Author: Brooke Raigan Aborted
Date: February 17, 2010