Letter to Salina Regional Hospital -


May 4, 2009



Salina Regional Health Center

C/O Patient Care & Satisfaction Officer

400 S Santa Fe Ave

Salina, KS  67401


Re:  Care of Mary G Tannahill


I am writing to THANK your staff for the wonderful care of my mother.  She was admitted to the ICU on April 23rd, transferred to 2 Center on April 25th and subsequently passed away on April 27th.


I have worked in various health-systems in my 20+ years of pharmacy practice, but wanted to let you know the care my mother received at Salina Regional Health Center would truly make Studer proud!!!!  I only hope the patients who have received care in the facilities I have worked have received half as good of care.


I know I am forgetting some of the individuals who cared for my mother since the time, especially 1st 48 hours, was a complete blur, but wanted to give special mention to the following individuals who made an impact on my time at SRHC with my mother.


            Alana—ICU---the nurse who took care of my mother for the first night and didn’t get frustrated when I called MULTIPLE times to check on her and make sure she was OK and getting the best care possible.


            Dr Stuewe---Physician---who presented the information in a clear and concise manner as to allow our family to deal with the realization our mother would be leaving us shortly and any decisions were in God’s hands now, not ours.


Becky—ICU---the nurse who allowed all my mom’s kids and grandkids to come visit before we transferred her to 2 Center, not knowing what stopping all the medications would do.


            Steven and Linda---Pharmacy---the pharmacists who made sure to answer my family’s (esp. my son’s) questions about my mother’s medications…….they did much better than the grieving daughter/sister/mother on explaining what everything was for.


            Janet (Jane + J)—2Center—the nurse who I truly believed was sent from God to help our family deal with the 94 hour notice he was going to take her from us.  The knowledge she provided to me and my family about the death and dying process was truly something sent from heaven. THANK YOU THANK YOU Jane +!!!!!!


            Cheri, speciality tech---2 Center---who realized my mother’s immediate family would not be comfortable in a single room so moved us to a double/private room for us at the end of the hall……probably better for other patients as wellJ.


            Liz and the other Speciality Techs---2Center ---who took care of us, washed my mother face as to make sure she died looking the way we remembered her.


            Shannon—2Center--the 3rd shift nurse who cared for us and my mother on the 1st nite and then even when we weren’t on her assignment sheet the 2nd nite.  She even searched out for nose-cleaner bulb to clean my mother’s nose as to make sure she was breathing comfortably.


            Respiratory Care (especially Chris—aka Clay AikenJ)---who didn’t get frustrated with our constant questions and clarification of what they were doing to our mother.


            Physician Assistant (didn’t catch her name)---2Center--- who was at the desk when I went searching for Kleenex, she stopped her dictation and found me Kleenex without ever missing the focus that someone’s family needed help and her dictation could wait.


            Mauri---2Center---who made sure the chapel was open so I could talk to God to ask why he wanted my Mommy soooo soon.


            Dietary and Hospitality services---The complimentary tea, coffee, cookies and muffins were a very very pleasant surprise.


            Harry---Chaplain Services---who left his manager’s meeting to provide the last prayer to my mother and family since noone else around.  THANK YOU


My and my family’s appreciation of the care of our mother can not be captured by words and this letter alone, but hopefully will provide at least a little bit expression of our appreciation.  I hope you pass along our gratification to the staff of Salina Regional Health Center for the wonderful care of Mary G Tannahill-Wife, Mother. Grandma, Great-Grandma and Friend.





 Suzie Schrater, PharmD, MPH


The Mary Tannahill Family

Author: Suzie Schrater
Date: February 22, 2010