Andrew's Poetry -


Here is a poetry project Andrew did at school in 8th grade at age 14. He earned "100% and 3 stalks of cauliflower!" from his teacher. He titled the project: "Topic: Doing Poetry Packet Late at Night."

Kitty, darkness, silence, creeping, Raven, nevermore, squeaking, Cauliflower, devouring, hastily, feeding, Poetry, brain, leaking. Time, passing, quickly, hours, Poems, unfinished, words. Cola, caffeine, magic, powers, Verses, rhymes, absurd. Tired, me, sleepy, bed, Exhausted, wired, dopey. Kitty, sleeping, peaceful, dead, Andrew, frantic, mopey. ------------------------------ Kitty, crazy, cat, cuddle, Cauliflower, cut, cold. Mind, mayhem, manic, muddle, Munchies, maybe, mold. Sofa, soft, soothing, sleepy, Pillow, puffy, poofy, Words, writing, while, weepy, Giddy, going, goofy. --------------------------------------------- Finished, finally, forever, fine Time, trouble, through, Remember, rough, refine, When, what, woohoo! Kitty, calmly, quietly, lurking, Kitchen, entering, walking, Eating, happy, smiling, smirking, Leaving, content, stalking. ------------------------------- Rhyme after rhyme, they drive me insane. I rarely enjoy them, they bring me much pain. Since the beginning I've had the crazies. My poetry practically pushes up daisies. Writing quatrains can be such a bore, If I don't stop soon, I'll begin to snore. The verses seem countless; woe is me. To escape, I just might climb a tree. Haikus and cinquains, acrostic and freeverse, I'm writing so hard, like riding a free Hearse. My arm is so sore and my fingers are numb. I can't write poems, I might just be dumb. ----------------------------------------- Kitty likes my awful little rhymes She's quiet while I write. The more I work the louder she snores Throughout the night. --------------------------------- Words are not my friends; They torment me endlessly. Can we not just hum? ----------------------------------- Cauliflower hums For it does not know the words. Yet, my bowels do. --------------------------------------- Kitty likes to eat Tall cauliflower mountains. Her wind makes a smell. ------------------------------------ My thoughts are like rain; They fall out on to the page. My paper gets wet. ------------------------------------ Cola Caffeinated, Sugary Bubbling, Churning, Burning, Is keeping me awake Tonight. Cauliflower Puffy, White Crunching, Munching, Lunching Upsets my stomach Gasses. Deadline Ominous, Omnipresent Stressing, Messing, Oppressing Hanging over my head Poetry. Kitty Fuzzy, Warm, Squeaking, Purring, Shedding-Furring, Predator, Claws. Refrigerator, Bowl, Sitting, Waiting, Masticating, Bumpy, Cold, Cauliflower. Clock. Round, Intrusive, Clicking, Ticking, Tocking, Wall, Time, Meter, Rhyme, Writing, Erasing, Writing, Tedious, Tiresome, Poem. ---------------------------- While kitty sleeps upon the floor A raven knocks upon my door It asked me if I knew the score And to it I quoth, "Nevermore!" "Writeth I poetry, a bore!" Quoth the raven, "Nevermore!" "Yes," said I, "it is a chore." "When done with this, I must write more." When this was said the bird dropped dead. Quoth that raven nevermore. ------------------------------------ (acrostic) Putting things off, Right? Like this project Oh, why did I wait? Cauliflower sustains me, yet Rumbles in my stomach And Kitty gives me Suggestions That help me write poems In the middle of the Night. A Raven of mass destruction Torments my Imagination. Oh, can't I put this off any longer? Nevermore!

Author: Andrew Phillips
Date: February 26, 2010