Farewell Nancy -


Tuesday, March 2, 2010 Farewell Nancy . Nancy you were a funny girl with hair as white as snow. Not angry or judgmental these feelings would never show. Your love was anchored firmly with your family and also Johnny Depp. No longer bound by this world, we wish you well as you take the first new step. So don’t be sad when you gaze upon us from up above. The memories that you shared with us warm our hearts with love. The wonders you will see and the things that you will know. Who shot JFK and where did Jimmy Hoffa go? Go now travel onward head towards the light. Just don’t help yourself to Gods fries he might find it in-polite. Embrace the adventure that awaits you as you journey through your spirit life. Just know you will be remembered fondly as a friend, a mother and a loving wife. . Posted by Kotae at 6:44 PM

Author: Gary Payne
Date: March 21, 2010